Author Visits

Hello lovely readers, teachers, librarians, and more!

Due to heavy deadlines and travel, Natalie will only be able to schedule a limited number of Skype visits for May 2018. Please check back here in mid April to fill out a Skype Visit Request form once the dates have been posted. 
-Natalie & Biscuit


Skype Visits
For Schools, Libraries, and Book Clubs
Skype Q&A Sessions

Free 20-minute Q&A via Skype are available for classes or groups who’ve read one of Natalie’s books. With instructor guidance, students should prepare questions in advance of the Skype visit. (Some instructors give students index cards to write their questions so they don’t forget it once the Q&A starts.) Skype visits are time sensitive, and are available on a first come/first serve basis until the schedule is full. Due to heavy writing and editing deadlines as well as travel, only the dates provided are possible for Skype this semester.

To book a Skype visit, please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly!
Cost: FREE (one per school, per year)

More Information About Skype Visits

    • Skype (or iChat) visits last 20-30 minutes and are a moderated Q&A time. The teacher or librarian acts as moderator.
    • A typical format includes a short author introduction, followed by time for students to ask questions.
    • Skype visits are most successful when readers brainstorm questions in advance with their teachers.
    • Because of the format, Skype visits are more successful when students are familiar with the book – either they’ve read it together as a class, or their teacher or librarian has used it as a read aloud.
    • Bookstore owners and book clubs are also welcome to set up Skype visits.
    • If you’ve never booked a Skype visit with an author before, check out this helpful post from author Tara Lazar and librarian Shannon Miller. Skype is free to download, and easy to set up as long as you have internet access: Students, Authors and Skype: Believe the Hype.
    • No video recordings, tapings or reproductions of any kind of Natalie’s Skype visits are permitted. Please do not record your Skype session for any reason. Thank you!


School & Conference Visits

Natalie loves meeting and interacting with young readers. If you’re interested in inviting Natalie to your school or conference, contact Presentations usually run 30-45 minutes, and can be altered to fit time allotments. School presentations focus on how A Snicker of Magic grew and changed from idea to finished book. There will be time at the end for reader Q&A.


Previous Conference Participation

  • Blue Willow Bookshop’s Tweens Read Festival in Houston, Texas (Panel: Life Happens)
  • The Fountainhead Bookstore’s Tween Panel Extravaganza in Hendersonville, North Carolina
  • Texas Library Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas (Panel Discussion: Graveyard Shift: Building Programming around Mysterious and Scary Books)
  • Delaware County District Library, Presentation on A Snicker of Magic (in association with Fundamentals Bookstore)
  • Texas Book Festival in Austin, Texas (Panel Discussion: Do you Believe in Magic?)
  • Connecticut Children’s Book Festival (Presentation on A Snicker of Magic)
  • Southern Festival of Books in Nashville, Tennessee (Panel Discussion: Find Adventure, Follow Clues, Unlock Wonder!: Discovering a Fit in Unexpected Place
  • Missouri Library Association Young Adult Author Breakfast in Columbia, Missouri (Keynote: Finding Narnia)